WELCOME to the Cornbread Cafe! You go on and sit wherever you like. We don’t stand on formality ’round here. I have so many great shows coming up in the next couple, I just can’t tell you. New musicians contacting me EVERY DAY to find out how to get on the show. Mostly just ask.

Humbly yours—

the mongrel

Cornbread Cafe #15: Sierra Ferrell

Hear our long-awaited conversation with brilliant songwriter and spellbinding performer Sierra Ferrell — who is the. real. deal ...
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Cornbread Cafe #14: The Mammals

Welcome brothers and sisters to episode #14 of the Cornbread Cafe. I am the mongrel, and I will be your ...
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Cornbread Cafe #13: The Black Bear Americana Music Festival

We celebrate the first inaugural Black Bear Americana Musics Festival with potent tracks from The Mammals, Adam Ezra Group, Belle ...
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Cornbread Cafe #12

We celebrate the first inaugural Arcadia Folk Festival with mighty tunes from Laura Berman, Faint Peter, Divining Rod, Birds of ...
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Misty Blues; photo courtesy

The Cornbread Cafe #11:

The Matchstick Architects, Gus McKay, Misty Blues, Toney Rocks, CATFOX, Jeb Barry and the Pawn Shop Saints, Trevor McShane, Ameraucana ...
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Cornbread Cafe #010

Pickxen, Grant Maloy Smith, Scott Thorn, Mikalyn Hay, The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow, Parsonsfield From Parsonsfield on the release of WE: ...
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Natalie Alms and Ollie Davidson of Almond&Olive; submitted photo.

Cornbread Cafe #009

Chris Andres, Janie Barnett, The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow, Almond&Olive, Keeton Coffman, Honey Whiskey Trio From their website: Alms and Davidson ...
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The Cornbread Cafe #8: Not a Valentine’s Day episode. Unless’n you want it to be.

Tanya Gallagher [explicit lyrics], Kate Lush, The Suitcase Junket, Bumper Jacksons, Faint Peter, Birds of Chicago "Virginia taught me love, ...
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Charlie Parr; photo by Nate Ryan.

The Cornbread Cafe #7: Charlie Parr and a few others we’ve been keepin’ warm for ya’.

Charlie Parr, Chrystyna Marie, and Kurt Fortmeyer are just a few of the great artists you'll find on the specials ...
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The Cornbread Cafe #6: INTERVIEW with Janie Barnett, too many new tracks to list!

Janie Barnett discusses her gracefully drifting release, You See this River. Welcome! brothers and sisters to Episode #6—of the Cornbread ...
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